Thursday, September 3, 2009


I woke up really early Monday morning with what felt like my normal headache from my Rebif shot the night before just a little worse than normal. Well, as the day wore on, the headache got worse and worse until I literally couldn't take it and I'm not that big of a wuss. I can usually take a fair amount of pain. This headache has lasted all week. It is a bit better now and I actually went to work on Thursday and today. I contacted my GP and they didn't help me at all. They told me to contact my neurologist. So I contacted her and she is trying to squeeze me into her schedule because she is full up. She did seem concerned though so that is a bonus and perhaps she'll give me some relief.

Because of my headache, I have not been to the fair yet and I am dying to go. Speaking of the fair, my brother opened for The Fray at the grandstand. I guess their opening act cancelled so the promoter or whomever had to scramble to get a replacement so they called his band. Cool right? He was psyched!

It is supposed to be a great weekend and I so hope my head is better and I can go to the fair. Keep your fingers crossed!

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