Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fair!

The NYS Fair is coming. It starts tomorrow. I love the fair. I am hoping to go on a cool night so I can just "chill" and have fun. It is only like 5 miles from my house so that is a bonus too.

It seems though that I always used to have much more fun at the fair than I do now. Maybe it is because of the drinking that used to be done but I hate to think that alcohol would make it more fun. I mean, I'm fun and I don't need to drink to be fun or have fun. Who knows. I still love the fair.

I always have a list of food I want to eat at the fair. First there is the Gyro (no onions). They are the best at the fair. Next is butterfly chips with vinegar and ketchup. Then is fried dough from The Villa. It is like 2 foot long strips of fried dough covered in sugar. And that is usually more than I can handle.

The above mentioned food is the reason why I will be joining Weight Watchers in a couple of weeks. Til then eat up!


  1. I love the fair...the baked potato booth is me and my mothers favorite, and I can never make it past the Dinosaur Barbecue tent without stopping for dinner. This is the first year I cant go because of bummer, but I hope you have a blast! and oooh! deep fried oreos at Shamrocks- a must try!

  2. Thanks and OMG I forgot about the oreos. I'm sorry that you will miss it this year. I'll have an oreo for you!!!