Sunday, June 21, 2009


My friends wedding is over. My Matron of Honor duties are over. It was a beautiful wedding. The bride was beautiful. The bridesmaids were beautiful. The groomsmen were handsome. It went off without a hitch except that it poured all day. But she didn't care so no bid deal. It only affected pictures.

It was a long tiring weekend for me. It started Friday morning and ended Sunday afternoon. I couldn't wait to get home and collapse. I just kept my game face on and never let anyone know that I was ready to fall over from exhaustion. It is so hard for me in situations like these where everyone is going going going. It is so much easier for everybody else. My husband thinks it is amazing how I can be ready to keel over and then just put a smile on my face when other people are around like I feel like a million bucks. But it is all an act. It takes a toll. So by the end of a weekend like this past weekend I'm ready to crash.

Most people don't understand the MS kind of tired. They think they do but they don't. They can't unless they have it. It's horrible. But I think what is worse is that I am getting used to it and it feels normal now!

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