Monday, July 20, 2009


I had my wisdom teeth out and now I am in excruciating pain 6 days later. I have been since Saturday. It is horrible. I went back to the oral surgeon thinking I had dry socket or something and he says - "Everything looks great, good color, healing nicely. I removed a couple of stitches that hadn't dissolved yet you are probably having a reaction to the stitches. I flushed the area. You should feel better in 20 minutes or so." Well, I DO NOT feel better 8 hours later. So I am pretty sure this is my trigeminal neuralgia. This is the worst pain ever. I had this pain when I was first diagnosed with MS. I had forgotten how much it sucked. I guess I must have blocked it out because this pain is unforgettable. I am miserable and unable to eat or sleep or anything!!!!!! I have e-mailed my neurologist so we'll see what happens. Let's hope for a quick fix.


  1. Do you take neurontin (gabapentin) for any other MS pain? It is what keeps my TN in check. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thanks so much! I have been taking Tegretol which my neurologist just increased and she prescribed Neurontin and Baclofen. So far no luck. Here's hoping it kicks in soon!