Thursday, July 9, 2009

SLEEPING IN TORONTO! and ever since

I haven't written lately because I have literally been asleep. I finished with my last steroid treatment last Friday just in time for a trip to Toronto with my husband for my birthday! I was very excited! We haven't seen enough of each other lately. Well, I made it up there on Saturday and then Sunday morning we went to The Hockey Hall of Fame but after that I was asleep. I slept from like 2 Sunday Afternoon through to 10 Monday morning. My poor husband was left alone to hang out in the hotel while I napped. Then we drove home and I slept through that and I have pretty much been sleeping ever since. Is this a steroid crash? I have had steroids 3 other times and have never been affected like this. Is there something else going on with me? It is now Thursday and I have slept at least 18 out of 24hours a day everyday this week. This is so unlike me. I am not a sleeper like this. I have everything I can do to stay awake. I am so tired that I just really don't feel good. I tried to e-mail my Dr. but she is on vacation until the 14th and I really haven't been awake enough to get a hold of anyone else. I am very glad that I took this week off from work so I didn't have to feel guilty for all of this sleeping or for calling in sick to work because I know that there is no way I would have made it into work feeling like this. I am forcing my self awake right now because I need to go to the store to get some floor cleaner and a few other things I have not gotten all week that are on my list of things to do. This is a horrible feeling. I had huge plans for this week off and I haven't accomplished anything.

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