Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My wisdom teeth are gone. I look like a chipmunk. My face is so swollen and it hurts. I guess it was a bad idea to add pain to my current state of horribleness. I AM a glutton for punishment. It is official. What was I thinking. I even went to work today. I am so swamped at work I had to go. Everyone was wondering what I was doing there. I guess I must have looked really crappy.

When I was at the dentist on Tuesday my neurologists office called and said the DR. wanted to see my Friday at 8am. WOOOHOOOO! I'm sure she will make me all better. At least she'll figure out what is going on with me. Can't wait!

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  1. Wisdom teeth are a killer, when I got mine out I looked like some one had punch me in the face a few dozen times...the good thing is in like a week or so it will look like you never had them out. :)