Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, I never got up the courage to call my neurologist again. I didn't have to, they called me and said the Dr. reviewed my MRI and wanted to see me the next day. Cool, right? You can look at that one of two ways. 1. It is bad news or 2. She is very thorough and wants to go over the test with me. I choose the latter. What is the worst they could tell me? You have MS? Been there, done that, no biggie.

So, I go and meet with her and I have new lesions. I am not surprised because I haven't been feeling the greatest and I am SSSSOOOOO tired lately. She doesn't feel that the Copaxone is working for me and wants to put me on Rebif. Fine by me, but I had just ordered another 3 more months of Copaxone the night before. I went home and called immediately to see if I could cancel it. Luckily it wasn't too late.

I really like this Doctor. She seems to really enjoy her work. The first time I met with her and was giving her my medical history, I told her that I had cancer as a baby she asked me what kind and I told her Neuroblastoma, she said "You're a keeper". She is just really fascinated by the science of it all. I guess that is what makes a good doctor.

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