Thursday, February 18, 2010


For the past 3 weeks or so I have had this really ithcy ear and then I get a deep ear pain. It is intermittent. So I went to my GP yesterday. Well, I saw a nurse practitioner because my Dr. had retired as of Dec 31st. I liked the lady and it turns our she lives on my street but I really didn't get anywhere with this pain/itching. This same thing happened last year and I was sent to a specialist who couldn't find anything wrong with the ear. And he believe that it could be my MS. This new NP that I saw didn't really even entertain the thought of MS and she actually said I was too cute to have MS and looked at me like I was joking. Now first things first, I am not that cute and I DO have MS. Before she even looked in my ear she told me what was wrong and that I was too old to have an inner ear infection that it was just an infected ear canal. It didn't look too bad just a little roughed up. I'm sure that it was roughed up because I have been sticking everything under the sun inthere to itch it. She gave me some drops which turned out to be the same drop I had already been using that the specialist gave me last year that didn't work. So I am back to square 1. Is this and MS ear thing? Is it possible? Is there such a thing? It is an intermittent stabbing pain and an intermittent terrible itch? I see my neurologist again next month if it doesn't let up I guess I'll ask but what a pain.

On a sweeter note, I had a big Valentines dinner on Saturday night. It was a sit down dinner for 12. It was so great. I rented 2 round tables all the dishes and silverware and linens. I made beef wellington, asparagus bundles and twice baked potatoes for the main entree. Appetizers were brushetta, grilled shrimp cocktail and rumachi. Dessert was heart hasped brownies, chocolate mousse raspberry parfaits and Red velvet cupcakes. It was awesome. 16 bottles of wine were consumed by the drinkers of the group. After dinner we just hung out around the table and played apples to apples and it was just fun! I haven't had fun like that in a while. It was great.

This weekend I am going to Belhurst Castle with my husband and my best friend and her husband. It is a combo Valentines Day, Anniversary and Birthday get away. It was mine and my husbands anniversary this month and my BFF's husbands birthday. It should be a really good time. I can't wait. Well, that's all for now.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello Again!

Well, I'm back! I haven't written in some time and I'm not sure why. I guess I'm just tired maybe. Lots has happened since I last wrote.

My rescued dog Lola had her surgery. It was much more extensive than we originally thought so we ended up taking her to Cornell to the animal hospital. My vet had her knocked out on the table and realized he couldn't give her the care she needed so he called me and said he was calling Cornell and getting us an appt. with them. Cornell did a soft palate resection , removed some laryngeal sacks that were swollen and covering her trachea and then cut a little wedge in her nasal passage to open up the flow of air. She is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! She also saw a dietitian and opthomologist while she was there.

We also had our annual Halloween party. We're getting famous for these parties. They rock. Iturn my whole house into a halloween haven and all the food has a gross name or shape or something. It is so fun. We were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle along with two of our close friends. It was a blast.
Christmas was not the greatest this year. My husbands father passed away the week before x-mas very unexpectedly so it was a rough one. New Years was subdued so here we are.
My husband and my anniversary was the other day. We got married 02/02/02 at 2:02 in the afternoon. 8 years!!! Time goes so quickly. We have certainly been tested in these eight years.
I feel like we could weather any storm and be just fine. We lost my 2 grandfathers, my grandmother and my father all within 3 years of each other, I got MS, and now we have lost his father. This relationship will last forever.
Other than this all seems to be well. I had an MRI of my head a few months ago, met with my neurologist and she said no new lesions but then she did her examination and I had no reflexes on my left side so she sent me for another MRI of my spine. There is a new lesion on my spine but it wasn't inflammed anymore so we'll see how things are in a few more months.
Other than all this things are swell. i feel OK. Just tired (what's new) I'll write again soon