Friday, April 9, 2010

OK, so I saw my neurologist on March 30th. That went well, she did bloodwork for everything under the sun to rule out different things that could be the cause of the exhaustion and that could possibly be caused by my Rebif shot before she sent me for another MRI. She says that this is a bad time of year for me. Well, of course I haven't heard anything yet. So here it has been like 5 weeks of exhaustion with basically no relief and no help as to what is wrong. When you have MS do you just have to live with these things? I mean, this exhaustion right now is affecting my life in a major way. I basically have no energy to do anything and I KNOW my work is suffering. I even told my neurologist this so that maybe something could be done. I called the office today and left a message for the nurse asking if the results to my bloodwork was in. she called me back a few hours later and said that they were and everything looked good except my vitamin D and my Sed rate. Well, if my sed rate is up doesn't that show inflammation somewhere in my body and couldn't this inflammation be some sort of flare up or relapse or something? My doctor is not aware of the results yet but she was going to pull my chart and leave it for the Dr. to review. I am desperately hoping that this sparks something! Tjhe way I see it is if these blood tests ruled everything else out couldn't it be some sort of flare up that she needs to be treating! Here is hoping she responds soon!!!